Over 500.000 People to have  good nutrition.



Gather, Analyze, and Share Data on Undernutrition

To determine prevalence and the root causes of undernutrition in each local context, we analyze both indirect and direct factors and conduct rigorous assessments. Gathering, analyzing, and sharing this data is essential to guiding an effective, relevant response.


Treat Acute Undernutrition

We refer acutely undernourished children who show signs of complications for inpatient care. We provide local, accessible, easy-to-reach outpatient treatment for acutely undernourished children without medical complications through a highly effective approach known as “community management of acute malnutrition,” (also called CMAM).

Prevent Undernutrition

We work to prevent chronic and acute undernutrition through an integrated approach that addresses both the direct and underlying causes. In emergencies, we work to ensure that vulnerable children under five, pregnant women, and nursing mothers have access to supplementary food to meet their nutritional needs and prevent them from becoming undernourished.

Strengthen Local Capacity and Build Resilience

We train local health care workers and partners to screen and treat undernutrition, and we provide technical expertise and support to strengthen local health syste

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